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What Are Brown Spots?

As you age, you may notice flat brown spots with clearly defined edges appearing on the skin. These brown spots may occur anywhere on the body where there has been sun exposure. Brown spots commonly occur on the face, back of the hands, chest, arms and legs. With aging, they become larger and more numerous. Brown spots vary in colour from tan to very dark brown. Examined closely, brown spots may have a higher than normal number of melanocytes (melanocytes are skin cells that produce skin pigment). Brown spots are formed when melanin (skin pigment) is diffused into the surrounding skin cells, because of sun exposure. Once they appear on the skin, brown spots remain and do not go away on their own. These brown spots are often called age spots, sun spots and liver spots. The medical term for this type of brown spot is lentigo (plural is lentigines).

Although brown spots are seen more prominently on fair skin, they can also form on darker skin as well. Brown spots may be determined by heredity, but are caused by sun exposure. Brown spots do not pose a health risk, but most people do not like them. Brown spots give away a person's age and many people wish to have them removed for aesthetic reasons. Dr. Gidon introduced Fraxel laser treatments for removal of brown spots in her Toronto dermatology clinic.

Brown spots that are lentigines are harmless, but may be difficult to differentiate from skin cancers that appear as brown spots. If a brown spot changes colour, size or shape, you should seek dermatological advice to make sure it is not a skin cancer. It is very important to protect your skin from the sun so that treated brown spots do not recur and new brown spots do not develop. There are many types of brown spots depending on the location on the body, appearance, and causality. Follow this link to see different types of brown spots.

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